About Us

Why RentOptimum?

If any travel company has a feature then we have this feature too! 
We reproduce all Best Features from existent Travel Rental Companies

  • Perform a search for available rental properties based on  a customer conditions: dates of travel, location, number of  tenants, unit type, specific customer requirements
  • Handles transferal of payments from customers to rental managers 
  • Display reviews from the customers and rental managers
  • Show rental calendars and multi calendars
  • Provide live connection (chatting) between customer and partner.
  • Generate a special offer, so a customer can make a request to a rental manager and get a customized offer.
  • Process local taxes

What we do better than other travel rental companies:

  • RentOptimum optimizes service fees achieving minimal service payments leaving most of the money to the customers and rental managers
  • Prompt customer support allowing a customized  travel solution not possible with traditional travel rental companies
  • RentOptimum synchronizes rental calendars with  the existent travel rental companies
  • RentOptimum customer facilitates setup new properties for rental managers